Hyaluronic Acid and Health Care

How to use natureĀ“s power

All our products are based on hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring linear anionic polysaccharide found throughout the body. HA is a structural component of the vitreous and synovial fluid of joints and is abundantin the extracellular matrix of the skin providing elasticity, volume and hydration.

Owing to an unique structural, rheological, physiologicaland biological profile, HA gels are widely used in medical applications. Whether used as a surgical aid and tissue protective agent in ophthalmology, as a lubricant agent in intra-articular injections for osteoarthritis management, or for soft tissue augmentation in aesthetic dermatology, HA gels offer physicians and patients safe, effective and minimal invasive treatments.

Hyaltech HA:

  • Highly purifi ed
  • Non animal origin
  • Free of proteins and endotoxins
  • Controlled and reproducible high molecular weight (2.2-2.5 million Dalton)
  • Homogeneous, low polydispersity (1.2)
  • Excellent viscoelasticity and pseudoplasticity profile

Hyaluronic acid from Hyaltech is produced by a non genetically manipulated bacterial strain, Streptococcus equi, under micro aerophilic conditions in continous culture and in a closed system ensuring the highest purity.