Worthwhile added value solutions

Since our founding Hyaltech is focused on hyaluronic acid science because we strongly believe in the potential of HA for medical applications.
Hyaltech is a well known reliable manufacturer of highly purified, high molecular weight HA for medical solutions. Hyaltech has a proprietary biotechnology platform for the production and purification of medical grade HA. We have a solid expertise in the formulation, filling process and handling of low viscous dispersive to high viscous cohesive HA medical solutions.

Hyaltech was the first company to combine HA with ancillary lidocaine for an easy work-flow in cataract surgery and more patient comfort. We were pioneering managing the filling and handling of two different HA solutions in a double chamber syringe.
Hyaltech further strives  to develop high-end, simple added clinical value HA medical solutions bearing in mind the needs of healthcare providers and patients.